NakU! Moments In Beauty Pageants…

8 01 2008

Before we scoff at beauty queens, consider their circumstance: Strolling down steep staircases in stiletto shoes (ala Miriam Quiambao); hecklers in the audience (ala Ms.USA Rachel Smith); ; facial muscles paralyzed from smiling all night. And then they have to answer, “How do you subvert patriarchy while raising the national GDP of Rwanda?” (Oh! Naintindihan niyo ba yun?! tsk! tsk!)

well, itO na ang maibabahagi kOng mga mOmEnts ng mgagirLs with totaL bEauty with ampfness in bRains! Unfair tLga minsan nOh! perO marerealize mO na Ok lang kasi bObeng cLa! Hahaha!

1.) Siya si Jeani Anderson (Bb. Pilipinas 2001)*The question: “Which would you choose: beautiful but not too smart or smart but not too beautiful?” Watch the video for Ms. Anderson’s answer. The look on Gloria Diaz’s face: priceless. (hahaha! Kalowkah!) PanaLo ka girL!

see this:

2. Melanie Marquez, Ms. International (1978)Host: Angie Dickinson has insured her legs for a million dollars. Would you also do the same?Melanie: No, of course not because I am contented with my long legged.(Ah! oO! LONG LEGGED!!! CGE PAGPASENSYAHAN NA NATIN!!!!)

3. Karen Espino, Mutya ng Pilipinas (1995)Judge: Would you be rather be beautiful or intelligent?Karen: I think I’d like to be intelligent because I love being with intelligent people. Because aside from being intelligent, you learn things from them. And as the saying goes, you learn things from intelligent people.(OO RIN ATE! ULITIN MO PAH! CGE PAH! CGE! GOOOO!!!!)

4. Unknown, She’s Got The Look.Host: What is your favorite motto?Girl: Umm.. ( scratches head)Host: (whispers to her ear, “Time is gold”)Girl: My favorite motto is Chinese gold.(YAN! DYAN KA MANANALO TALAGA! DAKILANG BOBENG KA TALAGA!)

5. Unknown, Mutya ng Pilipinas.Host: Since it’s Mother’s Day naman, batiin mo nanay mo.Girl: O sige. Happy birthday mom!(yan ang intelligent! Following instrunstions! BUMATI nga talaga! Malay mO ba kung birthday talaga ng nanay niya diba?! Ahehehhe!!!!)




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